International Arbitration

As the world economy is becoming more globalized, arbitration is becoming increasingly prevalent for Businesses and investors international commercial disputes.

This growth lies primarily on the fact that arbitration can cover a wide variety of disputes and secondly because arbitration represents a flexible procedure permitting to adapt to all circumstances; within the limits imposed by applicable regulations and national laws. Parties can finely adjust the procedure to their needs, they are free to include elements from traditions and practices those are familiar with.

It is however to be reminded that arbitration is a means of settlement of disputes which specificities are very different from both those of the lawsuit and the transaction.

In response to these specificities, our Firm has adopted a dispute resolution expertise in order to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients:

- Our attorneys have extensive experience representing parties in arbitrations, principally multinational corporations. They have benefitted from exploring disputes, parties’ positions, and possible solutions from multiple perspectives.

- Our Firm’s added value lies in our ability to provide clients with pragmatic advice, to serve them in all arbitration stages, including:

  • Pre-dispute resolution services including the management of arbitration cases;
  • Representation of parties during arbitration procedure as counsel;
  • Performance of arbitral awards.

In addition, a number of our attorneys had the occasion to sit as arbitrators, providing valuable insight on the most effective means of operation.